New AKA and Anele book hits shelves next week

Hip-hop assassination under spotlight

The assassination of hip-hop sensation Kiernan Forbes, popularly known as AKA, in Durban in February 2023 and the death of his young girlfriend, Anele Tembe, who suspiciously fell from the Pepperclub in April 2021, were two of the biggest media stories since the Oscar Pistorius trial in 2014.

Now a new tell-all book, When Love Kills – The tragic tale of AKA and Anele reveals intimate details of the relationship between the couple that became a whirlwind of passion and obsession. It sometimes turned violent and was rumoured to be fuelled by substance abuse. The book also delivers exclusive insights from key players in the tragedy, including Moses Tembe, close associates to AKA, as well as a chapter on Rob Stefanutto, the man who tried to comfort Anele in the last twenty minutes of her life.

“The torrid tale of AKA and Anele is a lot like an ill-fated modern-day Romeo and Juliet,” says author and award-winning publisher Melinda Ferguson. “It’s an epic and devastating story with brutal repercussions: two bright and creative young people, both now tragically dead.”

When Love Kills will be launched nationwide by Melinda Ferguson Books and NB Publishers. Its much-anticipated release coincides with the Kiernan Forbes assassination trial in Durban, and the upcoming inquest into Anele Tembe’s death in Cape Town.

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