Greyton Conservation Society: Meet the Rangers

Julian Snyders: The Animal Whisperer

Julian has a quiet confidence that one sees in the way he deals with wild animals – almost fearless! Apart from relocating snakes as a hobby he’s always saving some or other wild animal – an owl trapped in the police station, a puffy caught in wire fencing, a tiny bird distressed or Julia the sick young baboon separated from her troop. He knows how to handle them and they seem to know that he will do no harm.

His colleagues know him as caring and a person whose company they enjoy. He’s witty but also careful, thoughtful and meticulous. He likes to learn from and show others what he knows. We’ve seen him in action at a snake talk for youngsters or at the newcomers talks and it’s clear that he also has the knack of speaking comfortably off the cuff.

Julian is a natural in conservation, a young leader, and is doing this community proud.

#GCS Rangers

Source: Greyton Conservation Society

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