Mission Statement

We at Overberg Monitor. co.za will in accordance to the South African Press Code and South African Constitution, will always follow strict principles of ethical conduct towards all communities and individuals, we will implement fair and just journalism and will always adhere to and protect the principles embedded in the South African Constitution, with special emphasis on the Bill of Rights.

Overberg Monitor .co.za and its staff will endeavour to provide all Stellenbosch communities with quality news, insight and opinions. Our reporting and news coverage will cover the entirety of the Stellenbosch community and bring our readers the stories of our people that they might otherwise miss. Overberg Monitor. co.za will be a witness and chronicler of events in this historic town.

We also provide businesses with the unique opportunity to advertise their products at very competitive rates. Our experienced advertising team can provide you with tailor made options to get information about your product or services to Overberg residents in the most effective manner. Our integrated social media platforms will ensure that your marketing message reaches your preferred target audience.