Experience Stellenbosch with red apron experts

Bites & Sites will show you the real Stellenbosch

Do you really know Stellenbosch? Taking time to join a group of entrepreneurs and people who know Stellenbosch inside out, for a cultural and food experience on foot will give you a new perspective. “These excursions are ideal for local and overseas guests who are looking for an activity that includes walking, eating and more. To explore the historical part of Stellenbosch you can sign up for a Foodies on Foot, Classic Cape Cuisine, a private tour called the Best of Bites tour or a Kayamandi Township tour with a Xhosa lunch,” explains Anne Engelbrecht, one of the knowledgeable guides of Bites&Sites.

“We are a small team who are passionate about our town and people and enjoy sharing our history and taste and flavours. Bites & Sites was established in 2010.

“Committed to apply responsible tourism practices on economic, social and environmental levels, we support family-run businesses and small enterprises. We support local artists and crafters and connect them to our guests. At the same time we are sensitive to acceptable activities and group sizes when visiting communities.“

Anne says the feature tour partners who source food and beverages locally and value those who try to reduce carbon footprints, such as recycling.

“Walking on foot has minimal environmental impact too, so come and follow the red apron, our signature attire and noticeable in the streets of Stellenbosch.”

Simon Jacobs bought the company from the previous owner in July 2020, and in her own words “I love food, I love history and I love Stellenbosch and to be able to share that with visitors from all over the world – that is just a blessing!”.

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Proudly associated with Visit Stellenbosch, Women in Tourism and Cape Town.

Bites & Sites will introduce you tot the real world of local cuisine in Stellenbosch.
Experienced and knowledgeable Bites&Sites tour guides will show you the real Stellenbosch.
Experience local food wirh Bites&Sites’ tours.
Experience local food wirh Bites&Sites’ tours.
Explore the many restaurant, deli and heritage options with Bites&Sites in Stellenbosch.

Tour guides group picture (Jammer Danie, foto geneem voor ek in Oktober by hul aangesluit het)

Some tour images, including food.

The cooking photo taken in Kayamandi


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